Limited Companies

  • Company Formation
  • Registered office address service
  • Corporation Tax, PAYE, CIS and VAT registrations
  • Bookkeeping and paperwork service
  • Monthly CIS and Payroll in RTI
  • Quarterly VAT
  • Management Accounts – Reporting on Cash flow, Profit, Present Position and Growth.
  • Company Annual Returns
  • Company Full and Abbreviated Financial Statements
  • Company Tax Return
  • Effective Corporation Tax planning
  • Directors Personal Tax Returns
  • Expert Business advice

In contrast to a Sole Trader or Partnership, by forming a Limited Company you are forming a clear divide between your personal Assets and that of the Limited Company. As long as the Company operates within the related legislation that exists and within the terms of the Companies Act, then the personal assets of directors and shareholders will not be at risk in the unfortunate event of the company ever having to be wound up or fall into receivership. This means that the liability of the director or Shareholder will be limited to the value of the shares that they hold in that company.

There are also several other benefits and costs to consider before concluding whether this is at present the best route for your business. Not least, the company Tax Planning issues that can significantly decrease your overall tax burden and increase your personal wealth. The Corporation Tax rates that you will suffer will quite often be much lower than personal tax rates.

We know that running a business is very rarely easy and we also know that you can often find yourself so bogged down by the task of running day to day operations, that some of the other fundamental issues relating to the further development of your business can easily be overlooked. We are here to help and this comes at no extra cost to our clients. This is because we feel that in this day and age it’s not just your accounting and taxation issues that an accountant should be an expert in but they should also be Business Development experts. After all, they should be qualified, and also should have experience in dealing with a vast variety of different business scenarios each day for years.

It is important that you have the right support if choosing the Limited Company route for your business and have a clear understanding of the responsibilities that you will have as company directors. As our client you have full all year round phone access to our specialist advice.

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